How to Improve Fleet Tracking and Compliance

Discover how innovative platforms revolutionise fleet tracking and compliance in the transport industry.

Feb 15, 2023

transport operations technology

In the ever-evolving transport industry, fleet tracking and regulatory compliance are paramount for any successful business. The challenge lies in managing these aspects efficiently and accurately, a task made simpler with the help of digital solutions.

The Importance of Fleet Tracking and Compliance

Effective fleet tracking ensures the optimal use of resources, timely deliveries, and enhanced customer service. On the other hand, compliance with regulations such as the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator's (NHVR) rules on driver fatigue is crucial for safety and legal reasons. However, these tasks can be daunting, especially when handled manually.

The Need for Digital Transformation

Despite technological advances, many Australian transport companies still rely on outdated, manual methods for fleet tracking and compliance. These not only consume valuable time and resources but also increase the risk of errors and non-compliance. The need for a digital transformation in this area is evident.

Introducing HARVY

HARVY, an AI-powered platform, is designed to alleviate these challenges. Its innovative technology automates the processing of work diary daily sheets required by NHVR law, thereby enhancing fleet tracking and compliance management.

HARVY's Approach to Fleet Tracking and Compliance

HARVY's automated system reduces the time and effort required for fleet tracking and compliance. It follows specific Advanced Fatigue Management (AFM) rules, automatically flags potential breaches for review, and offers the flexibility to review all sheets or only those deemed significant. These features result in an efficient and streamlined process.

The Benefits of HARVY

By leveraging HARVY, transport companies can improve safety, ensure compliance, and enhance operational efficiency. Furthermore, HARVY's user-friendly interface makes it easy for HR and operations departments to navigate and manage their tasks, thereby reducing the administrative burden.


In an industry where efficiency and compliance are key, HARVY serves as a valuable ally. Its AI-driven capabilities transform fleet tracking and compliance management, enabling transport companies to focus on what truly matters—their core business operations. With HARVY, the future of fleet tracking and compliance looks bright and promising.

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