A Practical Use Case: How Harvy Transforms NHVR Logbook Processing and Compliance

Let's see how Harvy can revolutionise your compliance management process and solve key pain points.

Jun 27, 2023

Driver logbook chaos overload

For HR and Compliance Managers in the transport sector, managing work diary logbook sheets can be an arduous task. The combination of high volumes of paperwork, compliance requirements, and workforce management calls for a solution that’s efficient and reliable. Today, we’re diving into a practical use case for a transport company with 150 trucks, 200 drivers, and an annual processing of around 26,000 work diary sheets.

Let's see how Harvy can revolutionise your compliance management process and solve key pain points.

The Challenges

Our client, a mid-sized transport company, was struggling with work diary processing. Here were the pain points:

  1. Time-Consuming Data Entry: Manually entering data from 26,000 sheets a year consumed massive amounts of time.

  2. Labor Costs: With an output of 30 sheets per hour, and a cost of $40/hr, the labor cost was significant.

  3. Compliance Risks: Keeping up with NHVR compliance requirements and ensuring error-free reporting was challenging.

  4. Resource Allocation: Allocating HR resources for data entry instead of strategic tasks was not ideal.

Implementing Harvy.ai

Harvy is an AI-powered compliance management tool designed to streamline the processing of driver work diary sheets. The client decided to implement Harvy, and the results were astonishing.

The Results

Here’s a comparison of productivity, time savings, and labor cost before and after implementing Harvy:

Metric | Pre-Harvy | Post-Harvy | Gains with Harvy

Data Entry | 72 hrs | 12 hrs | +60 hrs in time
Labor Cost | $2,880 | $480 | +$2,400 in profit
Output | 30 sheets/hr | 200 sheets/hr | +570% productivity boost

The Monthly Breakdown

On a monthly basis, our client processes around 2,167 work diary sheets (26,000/12).

  • Before Harvy, they spent 72 hours monthly on data entry.

  • With Harvy, it dropped down to just 12 hours.

  • The monthly labor cost savings amounts to $2,400.

  • The output shot up by an astounding 570%.

This amounts to significant savings in time and money which can be allocated to other critical areas of business.

How Harvy Addresses the Pain Points

  1. Efficiency in Data Entry

With Harvy's AI-driven technology, data entry is no longer a time-consuming process. HR Managers can save up to 60 hours a month, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks.

  1. Reduced Labor Costs

By cutting down on the time required for data entry, Harvy significantly reduces labor costs. With an 83.33% reduction in monthly labor costs, the savings can be invested back into the business.

  1. Ensured Compliance

Harvy automates compliance, ensuring that the transport company stays in line with NHVR laws and minimizes the risk of non-compliance.

  1. Resource Allocation

HR Managers can reallocate resources efficiently. Rather than focusing on data entry, the HR team can work on recruitment, employee development, and other crucial aspects of human resources.

Wrapping It Up

For transport companies, especially those with a sizable fleet and staff, Harvy is a game-changer. By automating the work diary processing, Harvy not only saves time and reduces costs but also ensures compliance, alleviating the pressure on HR and Compliance Managers. In an industry where efficiency can make or break your success, HARVY proves to be an indispensable tool for transport operators.

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