Streamlining Driver Work Diary Data Entry: The Power of Automation

Exploring the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of automation over traditional methods

Jun 9, 2023


With the ever-increasing regulations surrounding driver work diaries, it's paramount for transport companies to have an efficient and accurate process for data entry. Yet, many businesses are still grappling with outdated, costly, and time-consuming methods.

Let's explore some of the current options:

  1. Offshoring Data Entry: Many companies outsource their work diary sheet data entry to offshore services. While this can potentially reduce some workload, the process isn't as cost-effective as it might seem. The cost per sheet can quickly add up, with an average cost of $2 per sheet. In addition, quality control can be a challenge when working with offshore partners, leading to costly errors and inconsistencies. (If you are short staffed, Harvy offers a managed service).

  2. Hiring a Temporary Worker: Temporary workers are often seen as a solution to overflow work, particularly during busy periods. However, hiring a temp for data entry is an expensive proposition, costing around $40 per hour. Not only that, but you're still dependent on manual data entry, which is prone to errors and can be painfully slow.

  3. Hiring Additional Staff: While hiring additional permanent staff may provide you with more control over quality, it's an even larger cost commitment. Salaries, benefits, training, and the cost of providing office space can make this option a significant financial investment, again costing approximately $40 per hour.

However, there is a more efficient and cost-effective solution: Harvy. Harvy offers an innovative way to handle your work diary data entry, leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and automation.

Here's a breakdown of the costs and gains experienced with Harvy:


  • Time for Data Entry (per 1000 sheets): ~29 hrs

  • Labour Cost per 1000 sheets: $2,000

Temp Worker

  • Time for Data Entry (per 1000 sheets): ~29 hrs

  • Labour Cost per 1000 sheets: $1,120

Using Harvy

  • Time for Data Entry (per 1000 sheets): ~5 hrs

  • Labour Cost per 1000 sheets: $200

Benefit with HARVY

  • Save 83% of time

  • Save 80-90% on labour cost

  • Boost productivity by 6x

Harvy – The Future of Data Entry

Harvy revolutionises your data entry process, seamlessly integrating with your bulk scanner/printer to process work diary sheets automatically. Here's how Harvy's solution excels:

  1. Automated Processing: Harvy eliminates the manual work in data entry, as it processes your work diary sheets directly from your scanner/printer.

  2. Error Review and Breach Reporting: After the automated process, your staff only need to quickly review sheets flagged for accuracy and action automatically flagged breach reports.

  3. Increased Output: Harvy dramatically boosts your data entry output. From processing around 35 sheets per hour manually, Harvy can process up to 200 sheets per hour.

  4. Cost-Effective: Compared to the cost of offshore data entry services or hiring temporary or permanent staff, Harvy offers substantial savings. You gain more control, less manual work, and improved accuracy.

In an era of digital transformation, using AI-powered solutions like Harvy isn't just a smart choice—it's an essential step in ensuring your business is competitive and compliant.

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